Scenario: The new owner of Swagger Distribution Company, a company that distributes clothing and apparel, does not have experience with IT-related problem
solving, so she is contracting you, an IT consultant. You will review the company’s technology infrastructure and the interrelationships between components such
as HCI, networks, data management, programming, web technologies, and information assurance. You will assess the current infrastructure and programming
modifications, network optimization, and improvements to security procedures, and provide your feedback and recommendations.

  1. Human-Computer Interface (HCI): On a daily basis, Swagger Distribution’s employees log in to the company’s network and utilize many different types
    of software and the internet. They use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Visio daily.
  2. Databases: Swagger Distribution’s partners/customers include a variety of clothing companies. Swagger Distribution utilizes a database to store
    information on the partner companies and the orders that are received. You will review the provided database for Swagger Distribution and summarize
    what the tables contain and what the queries do. Be sure to apply key terms that you have learned such as “metadata.” Based on information provided,
    you will change one data type in one of the tables.
  3. Programming: Every day, when an employee of Swagger Distribution signs on to her computer, a pop-up window opens and gives a greeting to the
    employee. The new owner would like to continue to have the pop-up window but would like to change the greeting.
  4. Networking: There are two possible configurations for Swagger Distribution’s network: a wired version and a wireless version.
  5. Web Technologies: Swagger Distribution is in the process of designing a new website using HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language).
  6. Information Security: There is no current information security standard at Swagger Distribution. You know that one needs to be implemented.
    Your Company Consult Debrief should address the information technology needs for Swagger Distribution listed above.
    Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
    I. Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) Consult
    a. Summary – Summarize the human–computer interactions (HCI) problem the company is experiencing. Be sure to list all aspects of the problem
    and explain their importance to the usability of the software. For example, you might identify components of Microsoft Office applications such
    as Word or Visio, discussing all aspects of the HCI and explaining their importance to the usability of this software.
    b. Recommendation – Suggest an enhancement to one of the applications for improving its HCI, providing supporting examples/research for your
    c. Illustration – Create a one-page tutorial for Microsoft Visio, including component screenshots, for new employees who are familiar with
    Microsoft Word but have never used Microsoft Visio. To comprehensively address this element, you should cover at least two basic functions
    and/or menu options.
    d. Identification – Use fundamental IT terminology to label components in the tutorial and appropriately in the summary. To comprehensively
    address this element, you would label at least five components in the tutorial.