Health Care

Give an example of clinical situation where you used the nursing process. Lay out each step of your approach.
What were some good time management strategies and some ineffective time management strategies you’ve observed within the clinical setting? Give an example of each.
Develop your own personalized time management plan by completing the following:
Write a statement regarding your philosophy of time management and energy management.
Identify your three favorite forms of procrastination, then develop an action plan that provides strategies to overcome them.
Part 2
Case scenerio
Derrick is a nursing student about to enter into his senior year of nursing school. As he reflects back on his previous year in nursing school, he is actually very thankful that he has progressed this far. He realizes his study habits are far from perfect; he is constantly waiting till the last minute to study for exams, write papers, and work on his group projects. Although he has come through with high-quality work, he is always stressed from putting off work until the last minute. Derrick realizes that as a professional nurse, he must begin to better manage the use of his time. He promises himself to do better during his last year of nursing school.
What is one of Derrick’s primary problems related to time management? What strategies can Derrick use to overcome this problem?
Why is it important for the professional nurse to establish good time management strategies?