health care

Sc.0.,6 1 C — r, • Assignment Guidance — Contemporary Issues
LO: To examine a topical issue relating to your service users in the care sector
Evaluate the extent to which these issues impact on the service user and care available
Examine current and proposed legislation and practice
– Locate an issue within the sector which is current and ongoing-(ensure that the topic chosen is based within the UK!) What are the issues? Explain, why is it an issue in the first instance? How does the issue impact on the service user? Evaluate….. – Explore legislation that is relevant to the topic. Go deeper into this element, legislation states that effective procedures have to be followed to protect the service user however. are they being implemented effectively? Is there enough time? Can all service users needs be met? – Take the issue up to government level. – Conclusion at the end should be relevant, sum up your findings and make any relevant recommendations.