Health Care and Aging

Write a paper of at least one page in length taking a position on one of the policy debates listed on attachment. Your assignment in this paper is to analyze a policy issue and take a position on the issue (pro or con) based on the evidence. The evidence can come from your textbook and from outside sources like newspaper and magazine articles and professional journals. Your paper should include an introductory paragraph stating the main issue, at least three paragraphs dealing with different points you would like to make and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the position that is most convincing. Do not just state your own opinion. Provide evidence for why you believe one view is more convincing than another. Use the An Issue for Public Policy boxes that appear throughout your textbook, Aging and the Life Course, as a model for a policy analysis. ( I have included some copies of these in the attachment to read and use as a guide) Your paper must be turned in via email AS A WORD DOCUMENT