Health Diet

Health Diet
Much has been make of the link of our diet with our health outcomes. But the transportation connection is sometimes overlooked as a critical
component, particularly for those with limited
means. How might transportation and land use planning address this issue? What are the limits
to how transportation policies might help? Is
this only a problem that impacts those with
transport disadvantage?

– Your final project or paper for the term should focus on a narrowly defined topic with a well-thought out research question or methodology that you wish to investigate. You are to research this question using a careful review of the academic and practical literature, empirical methods, and/or other appropriate
approaches throughout the term. The form of the finished project is up to you: students may choose a more traditional term paper or project but innovative projects, such as computer programs, websites, survey designs, applications, etc, are also welcome but must be pre-approved.

– most of the references should be from academic journals.