Health Indicators

Great strides have been made during the past decade. For example, life expectancy at birth increased and rates of death from coronary heart disease and stroke decreased. Nonetheless, public health challenges remain, and significant health disparities persist. As leaders in practice, nurses must continue to address ethically and socially responsible and equitable care

Healthy People 2020 encourages renewed emphasis overcoming these challenges as progress is tracked over the course of the decade. The indicators will be used to assess the health of the nation, facilitate collaboration across sectors, and motivate action at the national, state, and community levels to improve health.

Read the Leading Health Indicators: Progress Update to learn about the status of each of the 26 indicators. The nurse must consider how this report reflects the status of public and population health in your community. Write a 4-page persuasive paper that:

Identifies four key indicators that you view as problems in your community.
Reports observed disparities in health delivery systems and community services.
Proposes four interventions with supporting rationale to equity and socially responsible care.
Identifies three community leaders (by position) who would support your planned interventions.
Addresses four measurable outcomes that can be achieved as a consequence of your proposed intervention.