Health Planning Challenge: Vested Interest

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Health Planning Challenge: Vested Interst Examine the following planning document and respond to the questions below: Exercise Physiology Health Service and Workforce Planning Document 2014 As the Health planner for district, the CEO, who has been approached by the national association of health physiologists, has asked you to: 1- identify and investigate potential issues, and consequences of the strategies proposed in this planning document. 2- Develop a plan for the identification of the appropriate evidence based alternative options for the delivery of this speciality service to patients. Justify all responses through reference to relevant literature. I provided (in the attached/uploaded files) the the presentation slides and a document of the responses. please review, edit and add or remove re responses to the questions above. Please make sure we answer the questions correct and clearly. Intent: Provides students with the opportunity to investigate a key challenge in health planning and explore and generate potential solutions and their underlying rationale. They will also have the opportunity to effectively transmit knowledge and solutions regarding the planning challenge to the facilitator and peers. Objective(s