health policy issue

health policy issue

Part I: Submit your preliminary proposal for the health policy issue that you will focus on for your course study. Include a description of the policy problem and who the problem impacts. Why is this issue a health policy problem? Identify current programs/ systems that already exist to address this problem and what gaps or limitations they may have to address the identified problem. Then submit an initial list of some web resources that you have identified to help you in your preliminary evidence gathering.A review of Appendix 4 from the Longest text may offer you some ideas for your selection of a health policy issue for study.

PART II: Self-assess your “policy competence” , as defined by Longest on page 297 of the text. After reviewing Bardach’s “Eightfold Path” outlined on page xvi of the Introduction of A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis, and briefly examining the remaining highlights of his how-to primer, identify the ways in which these guidelines will help you to strengthen this competence.

PART III: Examine the 2 on-line articles that are part of this module’s readings. These include Enemies of the People: The Moral Dimension to Public Healthopens in a new window (PDF, 29 pages, 1997), and American Values and Health Care Reformopens in a new window.

What points from Morone’s theories do you believe apply to your selected policy issue? Why? If you had to select 1-2 values outlined in Murray’s article as ones that prominently underscore the issues associated with your selected policy issue, what would they be? Be sure to substantiate your selection of these values. Do they reflect components of “Individualism” or “Community”? How?

Please Note: If you are interested in selecting the current Health Care Reform legislation (The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) as your area for course study, you must limit your focus to one or two issues within this vast policy arena. Review Appendix 1 from the Longest text for some ideas on the multiple components of this legislation. Some ideas for individual issues include but are not limited to: Insurance Reforms, Medicare or Medicaid Changes, Quality Improvement, Long Term Care, Individual/ Employer Requirements or Prevention/Wellness.

NOTE: Your Written Submission should be a total of 5-6 pages in length and should contain a Bibliography citing resources using the APA Citation styleopens in a new window. Be sure to check all spelling and grammar as these are considered for evaluation purposes. Your response should reflect sound critical thinking related to the questions posed by the assignment. SUBMIT ALL WRITTEN ASSIGNMENTS AS ATTACHMENTS (as I post evaluation comments on the body of your written work).