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You should draw on the Centre for Reviews and Dissemination material on X-stream in developing your proposal. You should examine example protocols within the Cochrane library to help you develop your own. Remember someone should be able to read your proposal and follow the instructions to replicate your study.

1. Introduction

This should provide a concise introduction to the chosen subject that you wish to investigate. An introduction has the some of the following purposes (University of Manchester, 2006)
To establish the context, background and/or importance of the topic
To give a brief synopsis of the relevant literature
To indicate a gap, controversy or problem in the field of study
To explaining the significance rationale and application of the study
To define important key terms
To provide a synopsis of the research approach based on the information already presented

2. Methodology

You should debate the utility of systematic reviews and your approach to undertaking one. There are epistemological debates about the nature of evidence which should underpin your proposal and choice of study design for inclusion.

2.1 Describe AIMS and review question/s and inclusion and exclusion criteria. It is usual to develop a screening form based on your inclusion and exclusion criteria that you will use to screen all retrieved articles and/or reports. The screening form should be contained in the appendices. An example is available on X-stream for you to view, so you can develop your own .

Research focus:
1. What is the existing research evidence on effective methods of health promotion for people with learning disabilities?
2. How effective is peer involvement in health promotion for people with learning disabilities?
3. What improvements would people with learning disabilities like to see in the way health promotion messages are delivered to them?

(this might be too much work for one review student would have to do pilot searches and then decide whether to focus on just one or two objectives)

2.2 Search Strategy
Describe and justify searching strategy including which databases and search terms you are proposing. Consider the validity and reliability of your approach. You will need to have discussed which types of studies you will be retrieving to address your review question. You should also discussion publication bias and language.
NB You should have already done a mini search just to check if there is literature available to address your research question. If there is no literature then you cannot undertake a systematic review

2.3 Data extraction and validity assessment.
You should discuss the development of your data extraction form and include it in the Appendices. A description and justification of the criteria to be used for the assessment of the quality of included studies should follow. A validity assessment form should be developed and included in an appendix. An example is available on X-stream for you to view.