health promotion literature review

health promotion literature review

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The purpose of the Health Promotion Literature Review Assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to explore Healthy People 2020 goals for the nation’s health and to perform a review of the literature on strategies for health promotion for one of the national target areas. Students will use the objective identified in the Healthy People Scavenger Hunt, and the professional literature identified in the HP 2020 Library Literature Quest. Carefully following the assignment guidelines, prepare your paper as a Word document (.doc or .docx), using proper APA format, including title page, in-text citations, and references page (no abstract required). When you have saved your final version of your paper, click on the Add Attachment button below, and add the file and submit. Please verify that you have submitted the FINAL version of your paper before submitting this assignment for grading.

Once you have completed the Healthy People Scavenger Hunt, and the HP 2020 Library Literature Quest, read Chapter 4 in your Harris (2011) text and begin to summarize the 3 articles (alternative use online resources including the Writing Center to help with the preparation of this paper). You will find the Harris text helpful for grammar and organization of your writing, as well as for APA tips. You should also recall the WebQuest on APA formatting and style prior to writing this paper.

The assignment will include a summary of each of the 3 articles in a narrative paper of no more than 3 typed pages. You must include a cover page and a reference page (not included in the 3 pages) that includes all of the correct elements required in APA. The reference page will include the bibliographic citations for the 3 articles that you have summarized. Be sure to attach the 3 articles to your submission.

Grading Criteria:
•Each summary will be evaluated on thoroughness, accuracy, and comprehension.
•Writing skills and your ability to express yourself in writing (including spelling and grammar).
•Correct bibliographic entries on the Reference page.
•Correct cover page and use of APA style in the paper.

See the attached rubric for further grading details

Please include paragraph section or page # within the citation in the paper. I will upload the journal articles. The book we are using for the class is
Finkelman, A. & Kenner, C. (2013). Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.