Health Promotion Teaching Plan – Tobacco Use

Incorporate the principles of health promotion in the development and implementation of a teaching plan to a selected population. The
Students will (1) access their group, (2) evaluate the group’s learning needs, and (3) implement a teaching plan related to health promotion and self-care. The teaching plan should be based on theoretical principles of learning and demonstrate appropriate instruction based on the type of learning that is required. Assessment of the population must include special considerations, as appropriate, for the unique learning needs of the learner, for example, developmental levels, cultural considerations, and special learning needs.
A written assessment of the learners (Part 1), learner objectives (Part II), outline of the teaching plan (Part Ill), and evaluation (Part IV) submitted as a Word.docx.

I. Assessment of learning needs of group
• Knowledge level – All High school graduates – minimum wage jobs & some freshman college/non medical
• Developmental level – Young adult smokers ages 21-28
• Cultural considerations – Caucasion American
• Special learning needs –
• Preferred learning style
• Readiness to learn
• Health status smokers