Active Thesis: Policy-makers should pass legislation to fully fund universal healthcare.

Argument 1: Current insurance options v.s. Universal Healthcare (difference in cost put on the consumer/gov’t).

Argument 2: Currently, there is unequal access to healthcare, which greatly affects minorities. (rich have a better access to quality healthcare…why? And what does that mean for overall health for rich and poor)


Conclusion: The current healthcare system is in disarray, quality of, and access to healthcare should not be based on class, instead, policy-makers should it a right for every American to have healthcare.

Research paper on why the United States should fully fund universal healthcare. 5 scholarly resources needed. 3 arguements arguing FOR funding universal healthcare. ASA format. double-spaced. 12font. New Times Roman. Provided a general outline for the points to be argued in the MATERIALS SECTION. Please cite sources when used. Plagiarism Technology will be used.