Healthcare Administration




Review Dr. Brenner’s story by reviewing the article
“The hot spotters: Can we lower medical costs by giving the neediest patients better
care?”, as well as

the other related Learning Resouces and consider you responses to the following

How do Brenner’s actions reflect the concepts and principles of patient advocacy and
cultually sensitive healthcare, as described in the readings?

Do you find Brenner’s actions ethical? Why or why not?

Imagine that you are a hospital administrator. How would you reconcile the outcomes
of the

coalition and its impact on you hospital?

Perform a SWOT analysis on Brenner’s program, identifying at least three strengths,

weaknesses, three opportunities, and three threats faced by the program- For more
information about how to conduct a SWOT analysis, review the “Conducting a SWOT
Analysis” article in the



Imagine that you are a hospital administrator exploring the possibility of instituting a

similar to Dr. Brenner’s- Create a presentation (Powerpoint, Prezi, Voicethread, etc)

for an audience of other hospital administrators and executives that:

Consists of 5 or 6 slides with voice-over – you must include audio and there must be a

other that you- Present you SWOT analysis in standard written English, suitable for


0 Apply the principles for PowerPoint presentations, as provided in the Learning
Resouces- Do