Healthcare insurance company

identify a case study of your choice with a pertinent IT/IS capability, either as an essential asset in support of your case study’s business mission or as an integral part of your case study’s critical mission.

Some examples could be a healthcare organization, such as a healthcare insurance company, a major hospital, or medical laboratory; an academic institution, such as a university or a professional institute; a commerce and transportation center, for example, a major airport or a maritime port; a transportation carrier, such as an airline company, a railroad company, or even a car transportation service; a network service provider, such as a telecommunications service carrier/provider, an Internet and voice digital service provider, or a cloud service provider; a major media organization, such as television network or a multimedia service operator; an industry firm that manufactures products, such as a computer products manufacturer, a car manufacturer, or a hardware manufacturer; a major retailer, for example, a food retailer, a home maintenance retailer, or clothing outlet; an entertainment complex, such as a hotel, a vacation resort, or a large recreation and entertainment complex; and a financial institution, for example, a banking system, a credit card service, or an investment trading service.