Healthcare Law

The Medical Staff Coordinator has again called upon your expertise in the area of healthcare law. You have been asked to provide a written discussion of the basic fundamentals of law. You are asked to provide the information outlined below and use research (at least two sources) to substantiate your discussion.

Part 1

Discuss the difference between public and private law.
Summarize the different sources of law:
Common Law
Statutory Law
Administrative Law

Part 2

Discuss ONE of the following acts and use the questions below to guide your response:

Privacy Act
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
Health Care Quality Improvement Act
Ethics in Patient Referral Act
Patient Self Determination Act
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Questions to guide your response:

What is the date of enactment of this ACT?
What led to the enactment of this ACT?
What are criminal penalties, if any, for violation of this ACT?
Who is governed by this ACT?
What are some of the key provisions of this ACT?
Discuss the impact the ACT has had on health care since it was implemented.