Healthcare marketing

1. Sales forces can be organized geographically, by product, or by customer type. Find three health services organizations that implement the organization aforementioned. 2.A medical group recently conducted an advertis­ing campaign for its new pediatric orthopedics depart­ment. After four weeks, a telephone survey found that 42 percent of the families with children under the age of 18 years were aware of the service. Six months later, it found that 12 percent had actually used the service, and 3 percent said they were regular users of the facility for their children’s orthopedic needs. Compare this organization’s advertising performance to that of the hospital discussed in Table 14–7 in this chapter. How does this organization compare in terms of its media, creative, and service effectiveness ratios? Where might the medical group need to make adjustments?

For this medical group the advertising control num­bers were as follows: Number Aware of Service = 42% Tried Service = 12% Regularly Used Service = 3% Media Effectiveness Ratio = 42% Creative Effectiveness Ratio = 12%/42% = 28.5% Service Effectiveness Ratio = 25%