Healthcare Telemedicine

Healthcare Telemedicine

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Think critically about our health care system, rather than the individual components of health care delivery
Practice accessing professional journal articles through EBSCO and CINAHL databases
Practice writing analysis papers, which involves practicing grammar, spelling, and professional formatting
Practice APA style, especially for citations and reference lists

Find one article on a healthcare topic of your choice; consider this your primary source. The article must meet the following criteria:
Must be from a peer-reviewed journal
Must be less than 5 years old
2. Find a second article related to the primary source to use as the secondary source:
Must be from a reputable source
Should be less than 5 years old, if possible
3. Using Microsoft Word and saving the document, write a concise, well-written 750 to 1250 word
(3-5 pages) analysis paper on the primary and secondary sources. It should contain three different
A cover page
Student’s name, Date, Course (SSC 1050A or J)
Running head
The body of the paper
An Introduction that provides a concise summary of the primary source.
This should be approximately 250 words, or one-third of the paper.
The article should be cited in APA format.
The Body of the paper that provides an analysis integrating ideas from both the primary and
secondary sources.
This section should be approximately 500 words, or two-thirds of the paper.
A short paragraph introducing the secondary source and summarizing the issue, which
moves on to the analysis/expansion/discussion/comparison, etc.
3. The Conclusion: A final paragraph weaving together ideas about the first source, the second
source, and the U.S. health care system.
A Reference List using APA format which includes the primary and secondary sources.
This section is not counted in the paper’s word count.
See the attached Feedback Form for grading information.
Submit your paper at the beginning of class on ______________________________.
Staple your paper and the reference page together
Using a paper clip, attach the scoring rubric on top of your paper and copies of the two journal articles after the reference page.
Labouré College
SSC 1050A/B
Fall 2017

Overview of Feedback Form
A total of 50 points has been assigned to this assignment, which will be scaled to equal a total of 25% of the entire grade for the course.
This feedback form provides the breakdown of how the 50 points are assigned to the assignment.
Characteristic Points
Possible Points
Awarded Comments
Primary source is less than 5 years old and from a peer-reviewed journal.
Secondary source relates to the primary source; is less than 5 years old; and is from a reputable source.
Cover page must be neat and include the student’s name, date, course number/section, and running-head.

Reference list is in APA style (sorted correctly, formatted appropriately, the proper format is used for each reference type, etc.).
Paper is written in third person, and a formal tone is used throughout. Introduction and Body sections together are 750 to 1250 words. The paper is typed, double-spaced, and 12-point font; Margins are 1 inch.

Spelling and grammar are correct. 3
Introduction states: What the research topic is, what its importance is to the health care delivery system; and how the paper will approach the topic.

Overall, body (analysis section) demonstrates an ability to compare and contrast data from the two different sources, and to analyze and extrapolate ideas. Sources are integrated smoothly into analysis section.

Body (analysis section) ends with a conclusion by referring back to your original ideas in the introduction, and summarizing the main ideas and conclusions reached.

In-text citations are in APA style, are correctly written, and appear in the correct places throughout the introduction and body of the paper.