Hearing Tribunal

Hearing Tribunal made a finding of unprofessional conduct against member A who engaged in disrespectful and inappropriate communication with coworkers on several occasions; failed to provide adequate mentorship to Licensed Practical Nurse students by communicating with them in a disrespectful and demeaning manner; failed to contact a physician regarding a patient’s condition; failed to adequately (or at all) communicate, documents and assess a patient in accordance with their goals of care; and documented care of a patient when such care was not provided. On a separate incident, the member failed to complete documentation in a timely and accurate manner including validation of vital signs, insertion of tubes, and communication with staff; holding administration of a narcotic; and failed to provide sufficient background information for provision of care for staff on the following shift. The member also made inappropriate remarks to a patient’s family member, which were found to be disrespectful or otherwise

Select a case study from the three options listed below. Describe and analyze the priority problem(s) presented in your case study. What occurred and why? Present solution(s) to the problem(s) and how they could be implemented. What would you do as a nurse in the case study? What could you have done to prevent this from occurring? What would you do in the future? Apply related knowledge to your analysis and solutions. Consider discussing the following topics if they are applicable to your case study: The role of the practical nurse The role of the CLPNA, the union, and the employer The significance of ongoing professional education, professional competency, and continuing competency Ethical and moral responsibilities Legislations and practice standards Professionalism, leadership, followership, delegation, and collaboration