Heart of Darkness

: Heart of Darkness

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Joesph Conrad’s novella “Heart of Darkness” present to the reader a story of human horror, in the setting of imperialist Africa. The timelessness of this text comes from the vagueness of the historical setting and the universal ambiguity of the characters. The focus of our reading of his text has been on moral indecisiveness. In paper, choose a dichotomy that is represented in the text and trace its relationship and evolution as Marlow journeys to Kurtz. Some dichotomies that we have brought up in class include: interior/exterior Europe/Africa light/dark knowledge/ignorance right/wrong men/woman black/white pilgrims/cannibals good/evil religion/heathen civilization/barbarism These are only a few examples. You are free to choose which ever dichotomy most interest you, or create your own.