Heated discussion between playwrites

Imagine a heated discussion about theater among any 3 of the following playwrights:

• Euripides / Shakespeare / Hrotsvit / Tony Kushner / Suzan-Lori Parks / Bertolt Brecht

Each argues for his or her own vision of the theater and what theater can achieve. You happened to be there as a witness and are assigned the task of describing the encounter.

Please feel free to be creative in your account! And, while you may include some invented dialogue, this paper should read clearly as an essay- not as a scene or a play.

Consider, perhaps:

What would this group discuss, exactly, and how would each present ideas?

What might they say about their own characters, plots, plays, or about the work of others in the group?

What would each think are the unique challenges faced by theater artists or audiences?

We are happy to consider original topics instead of this assignment. Please email the instructor for approval by Sunday, September 1.