Hemingway’s ‘Last Good Country- by John Coha

Description: Write a summary of .Hemingway’s ‘Last Good Country- by John Coha.ey. Be sure that you write proper MLA in-text a. Work Cited citations. Your summary should answer the qu.tions listed below. You may also just answer each qu.tion individually. You do not need to rewrite the question.
(Note: If you respond to each question individually, be sure to write complete paragraphs. Keep in mind that while the forums are meant to help you create the writing you .11 use in your research paper, that you cannot just copy/paste your forum, but you will need to be sure to shape your writing to fit the format of a college .say supporting a clearly defin. th.is, with transition and topic sentenc. a. a concluding paragraph.)

  1. What is Cohassey’s main idea or th.is? What do. Cohassey mean by ”Hemingway’s ‘Last Good Country, 2. What experience did Ern.t Hemingway have as a youth in northern Michigan? 3.According to Cohassey, what influence did northern Michigan have on Ern.t Hemingway during his adult life? 4.What does Cohassey explain abo. Ernest Hemingway’s experience with the Native Americans in northern Michigan? 5.What information in ”Hemingway’s ‘Last Good Country- by John Cohassey helps explain the details a. them. in ‘Indian Camp”?