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Our final paper will work with the semiotics of heroes.

Using the articles we’ve studied in our Signs of Life text, write an essay that addresses the question:
In “The Thematic Paradigm”, author Robert B. Ray details this idea of the official hero and unofficial hero. We have also explored the idea of the anti-hero and reluctant hero. Using our readings from the text as foundation, write an essay in which you argue the state of heroes in current times. Do heroes still exist? If so, which of the studied categories of hero is prevalent and why? If not, why don’t heroes of these types exist? Has society changed in some way to render the hero as extinct? Use the articles we have studied as your primary sources. You may use two other articles from our “Signs of Life” readings to support your arguments. Be sure to use direct quotes for evidence to your claims and arguments.

• Your essay must have a thesis that addresses the above question, topic sentence claims to your thesis and the question, and arguments that use your evidence to support your thesis.
• You should study the concept of a hero and synthesize a definition of what makes a hero.
• Be sure to incorporate actual ideas, that is semiotic analyzes, of heroes as examples for each of your arguments.
• Each paragraph should be anchored firmly to your thesis, the question, and also to specific examples of heroes or anti-heroes that elucidate your points.
• Check your notes from earlier papers and exams we went over in class.
• Look at the notes and comments on your previous papers. These will guide you towards greater success.
• Read, think, write, read aloud, edit, think, write, read aloud again, edit some more.

Some other points to consider:
• You may assume your reader has some familiarity with heroes, so your writing should not contain excessive summary or simplistic explanations of Spiderman’s (or some other hero’s) powers.
• Your parents, grandparents, teachers, boss, or other relatives are not the heroes we’re looking for, since this is not a personal essay, but a third person argumentative essay
• Each paragraph should present an analysis of a specific idea or issue that specifically deals with the viewpoint you chose.
Remember that a narrow focus yields more depth of analysis, which is what we’re looking for. Too broad a view creates generalized shallow points or argument.
Summarizing our class discussions is the same as summarizing other readings or materials. If you use points discussed in class you must take them to greater depth or look at them in a new light – merely parroting our discussions of the stories does not contribute to further analysis. You may include them, but develop new angles and more detail.

This assignment is for five to seven pages in MLA format This is the space you will require to do the job covering the options effectively.

Make sure to use articles in the book “Signs of Life in the USA” such as “The Thematic Paradigm” by Robert B. Ray, “Against Antiheroes” by Laura Bennett, “Celebrating Inequality” by George Packer, “A Patriot’s Tale” by Tim Layden and so on. Paper must have a strong thesis and must be focused.