HHH- New Physician Practice

You are a health care attorney in Healemshire, NY. You have been contacted by a group of physicians who currently own a practice in Connecticut, LiverDerm, LLC, who would like to open a practice in New York. In addition to advising them on formation of a medical practice, the doctors would like you to help with potential negotiations with the local hospital (Healemshire Health Hospital, or HHH) in the event they decide to affiliate with the hospital.
Dr. Liverman needs advice on how they should form their practice, including a lab, and whether HHH would be able to hire Dr. Liverman and Dr. Dermo as faculty to teach at HHH’s medical school. Your job is to identify the role of each party involved (Dr. Liverman, Dr. Dermo, the practice, and HHH, including any specific component within the proposed NY practice that might be subject to separate regulation); the activities of each that are subject to regulation; the agency(ies) that will regulate each;and potential problem areas that could arise. You should also identify which issues you think might warrant further exploration based upon the facts you have.