Hi-Rize Development 2017 (HRD 2017) client organization

A client organisation, Hi-Rize Development 2017 (HRD 2017), plans to extend their property portfolio by constructing their first major office development.

HRD 2017 has identified, but not yet acquired, a possible site upon which they plan to construct a prestigious office development. It is located in a major Midlands city, and they have commissioned an architect, WNP Partners, to produce an outline proposal; that proposal has been submitted for outline planning permission on the basis of the enclosed drawings.

The site drops approximately 6m along its length in Main Street down to Ascot road, which is relatively level. No vehicle access is possible except from Ascot Road.

A borehole from a neighbouring site investigation indicated a sloping profile of approximately 10m of sandy soil, overlaying 8m of clay, which is on top of carboniferous limestone bedrock. The water table is relatively deep in the sandy soil.

The initial design is for a multi-storey block providing under-building parking and approximately 120,000 square feet (approx. 10,100m2) of lettable office space in accordance with the drawings.

No final decisions have been made on the structural frame type, envelope design or the service level, other than that they should be compatible with a prestigious office development.

HRD 2017 have prepared a set of their ‘client’s requirements’ which should be taken into account when preparing the below report.

HRD 2017 have now realised that they need some additional specialist advice in order to continue with this scheme.

You have been commissioned to provide that advice, and you are required to prepare a referenced report in which you provide HRD 2017 with the following:

(1) Part 1. A reasoned discussion about the approach to stakeholder management on this project. You should identify 5 key stakeholders that you think that the client will have to engage with and justify identify which stakeholder management approach would be best for the client to adopt

(2) Part 2. Your proposals on how the project should be organised and managed from hereon in, discussing the major tasks/activities that should be undertaken. These proposals should include an evaluation of the most appropriate form of procurement route for this particular project.

(3) Part 3. A linked bar chart project plan, prepared using MS Project, Primavera or similar, showing the main activities/tasks that will have to be undertaken in order to execute your above-mentioned proposals for designing and constructing this development. (You must focus on the pre-construction period rather than the construction period.) This programme should show critical activities and free float. You will need to ensure that the project plan can be easily read in electronic format and that it is usable for the client.