Higher Income and Social Status



Order Description

Social determinant of public health. We have to develop a 15 minute seminar to deliver. 20 references. Please try to summarise in dot points on slides and not too lengthy sentence. Please use dot
point on slides but elaborate in notes below the powerpoint presentation where I can refer to when delivering speech.



Critically analyse government, and other relevant, policy on your chosen determinant of health and explain how this determinant impacts public health outcomes.



Define the issue (nature, extent, significance).
Describe the condition/issue (briefly) and why it is important as a health issue.
Summarise any current knowledge about distribution and frequency of this issue.
Describe the determinants, causal factors, risk factors, who is most affected using tables, graphs or illustrations whenever possible?
List the current government policies on the chosen the of health
Critically analyse the government policy/policies on the determinant of health
Explain how the policy impacts on the public health outcomes
Your comments, suggestions
Describe your data sources. AIHW; Literature; Census etc.