Hindu and Zen Buddhist schools and Problem of Sin’ and ‘Dostoevsky


Write a 3-page paper (typed, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, double-spaced) in response to one of the following topics:
a)Discuss how the actualization of non-dual consciousness as conceived in theHindu and Zen Buddhist schools of thought would extinguish negative emotionsand states of mind.
b)Based on the ‘Problem of Sin’ and ‘Dostoevsky’ readings discuss how the idea oftranscendent love would lead to the experience of wholeness at both personal andsocial levels.
Put your name only at the top, right corner (in single-space)
Do not include a title page. If possible, print out your paper 2-sided.
Underline your thesis statement.
Do NOT use any outside sources, that is, sources which are not part of the classmaterial.
Citations from the text should be in the format: (Author, p#). For lectures, usethe format: (lecture, date).
EXPECTATIONS: An excellent (“A”) paper will contain all of the following components.
1)Introduction and Thesis
Your paper will begin with an introduction. It will introduce the topic of the paperby situating it in a larger context in which the questions of the topic haveimportance and will give a brief description of how you plan to proceed with yourdiscussion. The introduction will contain a thesis that will assert the main argumentor the main points that your paper makes. A thesis statement is not simply astatement of the paper’s topic, but rather a sentence that answers the question:What point does this paper make? The thesis must be clear and focused, such that itfully and unambiguously captures the essence of your paper in one or twosentences.
Your paper will end with a conclusion that clearly and succinctly summarizes yourinferences. The conclusion is thus a restatement of the thesis. In the conclusion youcould also draw further implications based on the ideas that you discussed in themain body of the paper.
3)Structure and Argument
The paper should be clearly written and have a coherent organization. Transitionsfrom one set of ideas or points to another should take place smoothly. Eachparagraph must be organized around a single point or an idea. The paragraphsshould be organized in such a way that they lead to the paper’s conclusion in alogical manner.
Note that there are important differences between merely asserting a claim and defending a claim with argument. The paper should substantiate an idea with compelling arguments and make careful use of textual evidence to bolster it. Note that the quotations or paraphrases from the texts or lectures must be set in a context and not made to stand on their own. In other words, you need to include your own words to explain any quote or paraphrase in the paper and thus the quotes or paraphrases must be well integrated into your own explanation of the related point. Quotations from the text should not be overused.
The paper should provide complete answers to all the parts of the topic. It shouldmake effective use of course reading materials and lectures. The paper shouldreflect that you have pondered deeply on the problems of the topic, by providing aclear, in-depth analysis of the relevant issues. It will explain ideas withoutredundancy and justify the main argument through examples and carefulreasoning.
5)Grammar and Basic Requirements
The paper should be free of spelling, grammatical, and typographical errors. Usewords that precisely convey the sense of what you want to say.