Hindu and Zen, Heidegger, Pavel Florensky, Culture of Modernity, There Must Be More Than This’,I’=Awareness


Write one-page answers to each of the following questions:

1. Based on Hindu and Zen ideas, explain how the non-dual approach contributes to the sense of harmony and fulfillment.

2. What according to Heidegger are the differences between calculative or (technological) thinking and meditative thinking? How does he envisage the relationship between calculative and meditative types of thinking?

3. Explain how Pavel Florensky characterizes sin? How is sin associated with the psychological state of fragmentation?

4. Based on the ‘Culture of Modernity” reading and the text ‘There Must Be More Than This’, explain how subjectivism dominates the modern age. Discuss two specific examples.

Write half a page answer to the following question: Why according to the reading ‘I’=Awareness, our real self must be identified with pure awareness that is devoid of particularity associated with thoughts, desires, memories, feelings, sensations etc.?


• Your answers must be in your own words. That is, you must paraphrase from the class sources and not use direct quotes or use them very minimally.

• Please do not use any outside sources, that is, sources not part of the class readings and lectures and video clips. Please do not try to google stuff up or use any material from the internet sources.

• There must be citation of the class material in your answers. You may cite as follows: (Author name or Text name, p.#) for the text material and (lecture, date) for the lecture material.

• An excellent answer will have a coherent organization and will provide a thorough and in-depth discussion of the relevant issues based on the class material. It will effectively synthesize the ideas and concepts presented in the readings and the lectures.