Hiring recommendations to the hospital administration.

Part of your job is to make hiring recommendations to the hospital administration. You have an interview scheduled with Dorsey Smith for a full time nurse supervisor position at Memorial. You are part of a team of interviewers. The current nursing director (to whom Dorsey would report) is Pam Thompson, who has been with the hospital for three years. You are aware that hospital administration would like to replace Pam within the next twelve months with whoever is hired for the nursing supervisor position. Pam is not aware of this. Dr. Franklin, Chief Medical Officer, is also participating in the interview. Dr. Franklin has his own candidate for the position in mind, and it is not Dorsey. Dorsey appears to have all of the credentials for this position, but has most recently been working as a temporary nurse because she has young children at home. Her husband has recently lost his job, so she needs full-time employment in order to obtain health insurance benefits. Although you ultimately will make the recommendation for hiring for this position, Pam and Dr. Franklin will also give their input.

Discuss at least four (4) issues presented in this situation from a human resource perspective and then develop an interview plan that includes a strategy for addressing each of those issues.