Hispanic / Latin American and Pain Management or End of Life Issues




. Description of Population (20%)
• Provide a description of population defined by ethnicity or religion.

o What are the age groups of the population?
o What is the rate of males to females?
o What is the ethnicity of the community?
o What is the poverty level?
o What supportive agencies and resources are available in the community?

• Provide an overview of specific beliefs and values, including those associated with pain management or end-of-life care.
• Describe a Health Promotion TheoryPreview the documentView in a new window used as a model for your assessment and intervention. Additional resources regarding Health Promotion and Disease Prevention theories and models are available online at the Rural Health Information Hub (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

II. Planning process (20%)

• Describe how you would develop a nursing care plan to address the issue of pain or end of life while remaining culturally sensitive
• Include elements of the nursing process
• Included a minimum of 3 nursing diagnoses

III. Goals (20%)

• Develop culturally sensitive outcome goals with timeline. Goals should be specific and measurable in order to determine if your interventions are successful.

IV. Culturally-sensitive Interventions (15%)

• Include specific interventions that could be included in your plan
• Provide a rationale for each intervention