History and Sociology

. Question #1. Why did people dislike the Articles of Confederation? At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, what were the major issues delegates wrestled with in the writing of the Constitution?
Question#2 In Chapter 6, A New Nation, after the writing and ratification of the Constitution, identify three issues Americans faced about how to develop their nation, and tell what resulted.
Question #3 Considering both Chapter 7, The Early Republic, and the document written by Thomas Jefferson from his Notes on the State of Virginia (-Thomas Jefferson’s Racism”), how did Jefferson’s thoughts and actions shape the United States?

Sociology Incorporate citations and references using APA 6th edition form to support your assertions as needed from the text book.
Question #1 Robert Reich contends that inequality will always exist and our job is to keep it at a reasonable level. Drawing on information in the lecture and chapter on economic inequality what key steps could we put in place to make that happen? Why these? How do you think the American public would react? Why?
Question # 2 Several broad and several focused possible explanations for the recent increase in inequality were provided — pick one from each area that you think best explains what is going on. Why these? Defend your choices.
Question #3 Contrast the structural-functionalist account of inequality with a conflict perspective. Which do you think offers a more convincing account of inequality in the US today? To make your case, examine the gulf between the salaries of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and that of the average worker in those corporations and make your case on that basis.