History of activism in NYC, YW role and integration

Phase II: Research history of activism in NYC, YWCA role and integration

Review New York City’s history of activism and think about how history can inform activism in the current historical context.

What history do some companies have in activism? Could this cross over into the rise of unions at the turn of the 20th Century as opposed to their relevance today? What industries do you feel were more enlightened?

This question is very broad and doesn’t ask specifically about the YWCA or NYC, so we are not looking for details about specific people or times, but more of broad overview of the history of activism in corporate settings.

This is a historical question, and a business question

Who are the historical figures associated with the YW and NYC? Eg. Dorothy Height
For this question we are looking for names from the history of YWCA and NYC. We are going to start our search online using Wikipedia.

This link will take us directly to the history section of the YWCA article in Wikipedia.


As you read through it, pay special attention to the names of leaders from different times.

We can use the same approach as we look at the YWCA’s own history page:

Women’s Activism in NYC
We can also go another route, and instead of using Google to find history resources about the YWCA, we can use it to find history resources about women in NYC. Remember, the question asks about YWCA, so we can look for resources about the history of women in NYC activism.