History of English Language Variation: Data Analysis

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I expect you to have knowledge in this subject area but I want you to keep the assignment relevant to how I was taught it.
So before starting the assignment, please read the documents Week 1 Lecture Notes, Week 2 Lecture Notes, Week 2 Additional Notes, Week 2 Seminar Notes, Week 3 Lecture Notes, Week 4 Lecture Notes, Week 5 Lecture Notes, Week 5 Seminar Notes & Week 6 Lecture Notes.
This may seem a lot but THEY ARE VERY SHORT. They should take you no longer than an hour. Please keep the assignment relevant to how these documents explain things.

Now, moving on to the assignment. The assignment instructions will be found in a document I will upload titled ‘ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS’. Please read the document carefully, but ignore any information that discusses word count. I will specify what the word count should be below. It is split into 4 questions.

Question 1, 2 & 3 should ALL TOGETHER add up to at most 650 words, but it can be less. Please read the assignment instructions to understand how to answer them. Keep it relevant to how the lecture notes teaches things.

Question 4 will take the form of a 1000 word essay. Please read the assignment instructions document on how to answer it. I will provide a file called GurmitSingh.pdf, which should be used as a reference; the first THREE chapters in particular, but other chapters may be relevant.
You should keep the essay content consistent to how lecture or seminar documents teach the course, and I think some of these lecture and seminars doc have information with references that can be used for the essay.

Additional Note: GurmitSingh.pdf may be relevant to help you answer questions 1-3 too. But I’m not sure.

Thank you very much. Please remember to keep it all relevant to how I was taught it by reading all the files.

“Please read the instructions, the writer-client messages and all the uploaded files. I need all the answers to be done in full. Please review every question because nothing has been done properly or in full.
Question 4 is a 1000 word essay, but only 500 words have been done so please reach the full word count. Question 4 is heading in the correct direction but I need the references to be properly done: Do not reference the lecture slides like the previous writer did.
Try to look for the sources properly, and provide an adequate bibliography (Harvard style). If you can not provide a reference for the lecture slide information that has been incorporated into the essay, leave it how it is and find extra information with proper references to supplement it. ”

Have knowledge of how English has evolved over the centuries, how to analyse these languages, and how to consult an online etymology dictionary’ < please ensure the writer knows this. You can add It to order description