History vs Hollywood

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.History vs Hollywood

Address the concepts below. A. What were the actual events that took place? B. When was the film made? C. How does your film compare with the actual events that took place? What was different in the film? What was the same? D. How does your film represent the era that it depicts? How can you connect the events in the film to events we’ve been discussing in class for that time period? If we haven’t discussed this particular event in class, argue for adding the film to our curriculum. How could this film improve our understanding of modern world history? How does it tie in with the topics we reviewed so far in class? E. What would you change about the film? *Your basic thesis will deal with the accuracy or inaccuracy of the movie. You must also consider four of the following six options: 1. If there were events changed in the film, why were they changed? If there were not events changed, why not? 2. Is it possible that the directors, producers, or actors were trying to push a particular agenda? Is there any biographical information about them that may support your argument? Explain. 3. Did the time period in which the film was made have any influence on the film? 4. What did the critics of the film have to say? 5. If there was another rendition of this film produced, how was it similar or different from the version that you are reviewing? Why was it changed? 6. How is the viewer’s perception of this portion of history shaped by the film? Explain. *Please note that your answers to these questions should always relate to the historical content of the film. Do not plan on answering any of these questions with a simple, “no” or “yes.”

2.Ethics in Military Practice

Ethical dilemmas occur in all areas of social work practice, including in military social work. At times, social workers practicing in a military setting may face especially complex ethical challenges in honoring the NASW Code of Ethics while also obeying military orders or policies.

Post a response in which you do the following:

Identify two areas of practice within the military system that have a potential for an ethical dilemma.
Describe how the areas of practice relate to the identified NASW standards.
Describe how the NASW standards might apply to an ethical dilemma.