History;French Revolution

This is what the question is: . An important critical approach in this course has been to identify “the other” that is often excluded from or misrepresented by general, specialized definitions of modernity and the Modern Age. Select a key belief or movement that has “shaped” or “defined” the Modern Age and, with specific reference to at least three (3) course texts, explain how and why a consideration of other cultures, races, genders, classes, or ideologies can result in a more precise and more inclusive understanding of modernity.
This is all the work I have done. You can tweak the thesis as much as you like but have to use the course readings and articles I have chosen. Those are the sources that you must use.
The thesis statement that I have devised is: When viewing the French Revolution as an inclusive view of modernity we are able to see many different aspects through distinctive cultures, races and ideologies.
The first article that I chose is titled “Race, Slavery, and the French and Haitian Revolutions” by Jeremy D. Popkin. The following quotes and the points for the quotes of this article will be listed in bullet points. Following that the quotes from the course reading will be listed.
Article 1:
“Slavery and colonial issues were neglected in almost every general work on the Revolution published in the last century”
Although the revolution fought for equal rights they were not granted to slaves
Every individual other than slaves were given equal rights
This changed when the Société des Amis des Noirs also known as Society of the friends of blacks had a say
This correlates with modernity because there was no prioritization of individualism
“Metropolitan France had only 5000 black residents in 1789, out of a population of some 28,000,000, and French legislation had long banned slavery in the kingdom, although colonial planters found ways to bring a few of their human possessions home”
This was the year the French revolution started and this is significant because the quote states that slavery was banned a long time ago
This means slaves were treated equally this showing progress
But the quote later states that some slaves were taken away and still being misused
This shows a hindrance to modernity as they are reversing in time
“Providing slaves and other products for the colonies made the fortune of France’s Atlantic seaports and of manufacturers in many other regions of the kingdom.”
This can correlate with Marx as it shows two classes the bourgeoisie and the proletariat
It shows slaves being sold buy the bourgeoisie in order for them to be rich
Rich get richer, the poor get poorer
“Man is born free but he is brought down with chains”
When we are born we have the same rights as each other then because of social distinction it will alter this fact
The second article that I chose is “New Perspectives on the Challenges of Modernity in France” by Debra Kaplan. The following quotes and the points for the quotes of this article will be listed in bullet points. Following that the quotes from the course reading will be listed.
Article 2:
“the French Revolution hindered, rather than helped, the modernization of French Jewry, particularly among Ashkenazim”.
(Shows French revolutions negatives)
“Jewish citizenship: the unconditionalists, who sought to give the Jews full equality; the impossibilists, who saw the Jews as incorrigible and beyond salvation; and the conditionalists, such as Gregoire, who saw civic equality as predicated on Jewish reform” (pp. 58–66).
This shows the different views of Jewish individuals
Shows Jewish people evolving
Becoming modern
“He [Gregoire] did not support freedom for blacks, and he advocated interracial marriage so that the mulatto’s “white blood” would help to physically regenerate black”
Blames it on them “and it is their fault”
Shows making white is only good
This shows the idea of white being good and everything else being bad
This correlates more so with the firs article but if very significant, this is because it shows that he did not support the freedom of blacks and would only accept it if they got married to a white individual so that the black parent would be able to form a kid that could regenerate black people
“1000 years prior they had no rights but in a year and a half they get all political rights”
This was stated in tutorial and shows how society has evolved ad become modern
Getting closer to a utopia
“London” Blake
London is commodified
Showing how it changed from what it once was
London is no longer free
This ties in because it shows how religion can save your soul, this means no matter the culture everyone is good
This correlates with the quote from the article about the white blood because it shows that any blood can be perceived as good
London also represents the start of capitalism
It is perceive dot be a new society and shows the negatives that come with being a capitalist society