Holistic Marketing & Internal Marketing


True marketing innovation comes ahead of the curve. The companies that can adapt and think proactively reap the reward of being proactive. Maintaining a connection with consumers — with flexibility, research and innovation — should be the top priority for any company looking to stay in business (Goldschein, 2011).

Based on the above statement students are required address the following:
Critically analyse how organisations are taking a strategic approach to growing their business through embracing a more holistic approach to marketing. This section needs to be an in-depth critical piece of work and not descriptive.

Critically discuss how organisations can incorporate internal marketing into their organisation. This analysis should be critically written and include a broader discussion of the role internal marketing can play in an organisation in building a brand. Students should include at least two detailed examples to illustrate their understanding of companies that incorporate internal marketing.

A critical style of writing is required not a descriptive approach.
Based on your evidence draw three conclusions.
Based on your conclusions, write three broad recommendations for an organisation regarding digital marketing and internal marketing.