Home Brewing Beer

Home Brewing Beer
Write a two page process analysis essay on a topic of your choice based on your own knowledge along with a minimum of two research sources.  Choose a topic related to your field of study or a topic you find interesting or intriguing.  In addition, consider the types of sources you could utilize to support your descriptions and definitions of the process.
2.    Examine Gates’ first paragraph from “In the Kitchen” and imitate his method of introducing the thesis.
3.    Divide your process into its important parts, like Gates who divides de-kinking into its steps: hot comb, the kitchen, the clients, the grease, and the pressure.
4.    Make sure that your process is detailed in a way that keeps a general audience in mind (or people who do not know your process).
5.    Try to use some definition paragraphs to explain terms that describe your process which are unknown to your general audience.  For example, look at Gates’ paragraphs 5 and 6.
6.    Write a conclusion that tells a story, like Gates on Nat King Cole.  Remember that this story should reflect an overall feeling you have about your topic.