Homeless Veterans And Drug Abuse

Homeless Veterans And Drug Abuse

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Research Paper Assignment

Homeless veterans and drug abuse

Each student will prepare a research paper on a specific social problem or concern that has relevance to the State of Hawai‘i. While most issues will undoubtedly have
national relevance and may have to be discussed at that level in order to show its full significance, a local perspective on the issue must be established as well.

The content of the paper will include:

1. a comprehensive description of the problem/concern.
? What is the nature of the problem?
? Why is it considered to be a problem?
? How extensive is the problem?
? Who is affected by the problem (both directly and indirectly)?

2. a discussion of how social work methods are/can be used to intervene in the problem/concern (i.e., what are the implications for intervention at the micro, mezzo,
and macro levels of social work practice?); and

3. identification of at least one social work resource available in Hawai‘i that addresses the problem/concern and the role of social workers in that program.

The paper should reflect your integration of a variety of different sources of information, such as journal articles, book readings, newspaper and magazine articles,
and personal interviews with practitioners or experts in the field. The paper will be 10 pages in length – typed, 1″ margins, double spaced, using 12 point typeface or
general equivalent, APA format* for reference list and citations, and reflecting the utilization of at least 5 major sources (i.e. books and/or professional journal