Homework Assignment 4: MAT510

Topic: Homework Assignment 4: MAT510

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Discuss one (1) project where you used a problem-solving approach to address what turned out to be common-cause variation, or where you used a process improvement approach to deal with a special cause.

If you do not have a personal experience that echoes either of these situations, you may use Internet to search for a case that reflects either of these situations.

* one’s personal investment strategy since 2008
* reducing waiting times at the local hospital or emergency room
*reducing difficulties trying to connect to a Wi-Fi Internet provider

Answer the following questions and number each answer given.

1. Describe the experience in the project.
2. What were the solutions used to address the problem?
3. Was the case you described a special-cause or common-cause?
4. Do you feel the solution or approach used appropriate for the cause?
5. What would you do if you could do it again?
6. What conclusions can you draw from the problem-solving or process-improvement techniques?