write a 6-7 page assignment that examines different types of crime data in relation to a specific offence. You will be required to select a UCR crime of your choice that will allow you to practice your research skills as you explore how crime data is used by criminologists to prevent crime. If you are unsure whether or not a particular crime type is suitable, please contact your instructor for help. Once a specific criminal offence has been selected, students will begin to explore data currently available to the general public from Statistics Canada. To get an idea of what constitutes your crime, you should find the criminal code definition of the offence and the punishment associated with it. This criminal code definition should be included in your paper and properly cited. Next, you will need to read and extract data pertaining to your offence from the Uniform Crime Report from Statistics Canada. You will need to provide the statistics of your crime at both the provincial (BC) and national (Canada) level for the most recent year available. How many actual offences were reported? What was the crime rate (per 100,000)? What is the percentage of change in rate? (What is the trend of your crime? Is it increasing or decreasing?) What is the crime severity index (CSI) value for your offence? (You will need to determine what category your offence falls within, such as violent vs. property) You will also need to find data that describes the level of victimization for your selected offence type. You will need to look at the General Social Survey to determine prevalence and/or characteristics or other notable aspects of your criminal offence type. Next, you will need to select a criminological theory that explains why your selected crime occurs. You will want to explain what your theory is, who created it, and how it relates to your selected crime. Lastly, you will examine different ways the criminal justice system has responded to this offence type. You will select one initiative that is currently being used (provincial or national level) and briefly describe how it addresses this crime and what progress has been made to reduce and prevent future crime.