Horse power with stairs

In a lab it was found out how long it took to climb the steps. using the information found we calculated how much horsepower we used.

Do a lab write up following the promt below
1. Title(Be Descriptive)
c)Due Date
2. Materials used(Be sure to include all materials)
3. Procedure: (Be specific)
a) Step by Step(1…2…3..etc) explaining what you did with the materials to get the data. Think of it like a recipe
of making cake.
4. Data Table: (Be Neat)
a) All data collected displayed in table format.
b) All numbers must have units.
c) Data should be graphed (If appropriate)
5. Analysis of data: (Be sure to include all work)
a) list of formulas used
b)Calculations performed
c) Signifigance of slopes or ares from a graph(if Approproate)
6. Conclusion: (Be insightful)
a) Must be based on evidence derived from analysis and supported by lab date