(Hospitality Supervision and Training Skills




HSTS (Hospitality Supervision and Training Skills) Case study ; Read the case study below, then answer all the questions that follow.

Choose a hotel department (for example: front of house, accommodation, kitchen,
restaurant, etc).

Identify the main issues that the supervisor would have to consider when planning for
the German delegation’s visit.

Discuss the main skills which the supervisor would need to demonstrate in order to
make his/her department run smoothly during the visit.

Analyse the motivation techniques which the supervisor could use to ensure the
maximum performance of his/her team.

0 2

The hotel’s management are concerned that the required standard of serch will not
be met.

Discuss the actions which the supervisor could take to address this situation.
Recommend a course of action for the supervisor which would enable him/her to
successfully make the required changes.

Please reconsider

Presentation & style

Neat, legible presentation. Correct spelling. Accurate grammar and punctuation.
Meaning clear and fluid with an articulate academic writing style.

Evidence of research and wider reading

Demonstrates sound knowledge of an extensive range of appropriate and current
literature-Critical analysis

Sound understanding of and ability to compare theories. Sophisticated analysis.
Critical approach to literature.

Coherent and logical framework

All strands of the argument are consistent and supported by evidence. Conclusions are
innovative and convincing. Follows a logical process.

Quality of conclusion

Identifies significant points from preceding discussion. Draws together main threads of
argument. Makes a concluding statement based on these arguments. No new
information introduced


Literature is accurately integrated into the text. All sources acknowledged. Harvard
citation method used consistently-

Please write the reference of question 1 and question 2 separately.

Each questions must have minimum 15 references.

So you can use references minimum 30 totally.