How 2D materials can be synthesized and fabricated to a working device

Final Research Paper and Oral Presentation:” Synthesis and Characterization and application of two-dimensional material” Due on April 24th 2019

• In this research paper you should present a critical review report on 2D materials and to write a detailed, technical applications, describing the following: ( please note that a minimum of 15 orginal articles should be used)
In this paper you should cover one of the following but not restricted to the following:
• Describe key structural/chemical concepts of 2D and use them in problem solving
• Describe key electronic concepts (quantum confinement) in the 2D materials.
• Describe key photonic concepts of 2D materials and use them in problem solving
• Explain how 2D materials can be synthesized and fabricated to a working device
• Analyse possible 2D applications in terms of feasibility and relevance
• Discuss differences and similarities of graphene and other two-dimensional nanomaterials

The below rubric will be used to assess the final paper
MNT 513: Midterm research paper Exam
Spring 2019

Student Name:
_________________ _______________
_________________ _______________

Overall Structure & Organization________/10 points
Is the paper well organized and contain all the different parts required?
Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References

Abstract: _/10 points
State the objective of the paper
Contain a short description of the main findings

Introduction __/30 points
Sufficient background information was provided
It let the reader know why the topic is important
Stated the questions to be answered in this Paper
Stated the relevance of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Discussion _/30 points
Findings were stated clearly and concisely
Answers most questions
Many other interesting facts were stated
Figures and tables were accurate and neatly completed
Results and their significances were adequately explained
Presents a logical explanation for findings and addresses most of the questions

Conclusion_______/10 points
State weather the objective were achieved
Provided recommendations on the issue

References _/10 points
Proper references were used.
Scientific papers were referenced to support findings

TOTAL _ /100 points