How a company or instagram user presents themselves as “healthy” or “health conscience”.


Annotated BibliographyFor this assignment you will develop one research question and find three scholarly sources using the research methods we discussed in class. You should begin this assignment by forming a researchable question about a primary source you have selected. What has stood out to you about your source? What have you found perplexing that could use clarifying? Specifying your own interests will help develop your question. From there, developing “how” or “why” questions can be useful for beginning your research (with few exceptions, your research question should be a how or why question). Finally, a good research question will strike a balance between specificity and generalizability. Keep in mind that you are joining an academic conversation: if you are too specific your findings won’t be overly relevant to other scholars; if you are too broad your problem may not be arguable in the space of 10 pages, or it may verge on unanswerable.After establishing a question, you should use the research process from last week. This includes searching for articles via relevant search terms on WorldCat Library or Google Scholar, using citation searches, reading bibliographies, and/or using specific databases to narrow your search results. Remember, research is a process and sometimes a cycle; i.e. it will likely be helpful to rotate through a number of these resources to find the most relevant and readable sources for your research interests. Each source should be numerated and included as an MLA citation. Under each citation you should provide two paragraphs: one, summarizing the argument or method your source makes/ uses; two, you need to briefly explain how you will apply this source to your own analysis.Finally, after I’ve commented on your assignment, please select one source you find most useful and post it to the discussion board. Then, respond to one classmate who has found an interesting or potentially useful source. This will count towards participation.
Here is very general template for this assignment:Question: [write question]
1.) MLA Citation[Description]
2.) MLA Citation[Description]
3.) MLA Citation[Description]
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