How did Louis XIV’s cultural program support the development of the absolute monarchy?

How did Louis XIV’s cultural program support the development of the absolute monarchy?

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Move Analysis of the French movie “La Roi Danse”.

Write an essay (4-5 pages) answering the following question: How did Louis XIV’s cultural program support the development of the absolute monarchy?
A few themes and concepts to consider:
• representation (the way of presenting oneself to the world),
• glory ,
• magnificence,
• order,
• power,
• dynastic state (personalized state: “L’état c’est moi”),
• favour,
• divine right monarchy .

This is an exercise in analytical writing. As such, your essay must not be a summary of the movie or readings and it must make an argument (hint: your argument should be an answer to the above-stated question). Your essay should seek to convince your reader of the validity of your argument. It will be necessary to justify your claims with relevant evidence from the readings and from the movie.
NB: This assignment is not a movie review. It is a research essay based on a variety of secondary sources and a handful of primary sources. You should treat the movie as yet another secondary source, albeit one different from scholarly monographs and articles. The movie offers an interpretation and makes an argument about the place of culture at the court of Louis XIV. It uses evidence to support its claims.

However, you should be aware that the type of evidence it uses (music, dance, painting, theater, etc.) is somewhat different from the types commonly used by professional historians (text).

You will need to approach the movie as you would another secondary source: critically. The filmmaker’s took a few liberties with the facts. I will point out the most glaring ones in our discussion but you need to be aware that “poetic license” is an important aspect of historical movie making. Make sure to cross-reference the important information on which your argumentation relies with other reliable sources. Here are a few questions to guide you in your critical evaluation of the movie:
1. What seems to be accurate in the film? What sources are you using to assess accuracy?
2. In what ways does the film impact your reading of the documents you have been assigned?
3. What liberties does the film take with the past? Why?
4.Is the film primarily entertainment, oreisitreally trying to work within a historical period? How can you determine the filmmaker’s intention?

***I will attach required 5 readings (Blanning, Burke, Coward, Welch, and Mukerii) for this essay, please incorporate the movie “Le Roi Danse” and the readings together to answer the question. THANKS 🙂

Additional Suggested Readings/Materials other than the ones I mentioned above:
Versailles 3D, From Louis XIII to the French Revolution (video)
Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell, “The King of Couture: How Louis XIV Invented Fashion as we Know It,” The Atlantic, September 1, 2015.
Ian Maclean, “Introduction on Molière,” Don Juan and Other Plays (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998), vii-xvii (On Blackboard)