How do we learn to “do gender”?

  1. Pick one of the questions posed in the exploration themes from throughout the semester.
    A. How do we learn to “do gender”?
  2. In a 5-page paper, provide an answer for the question posed in the exploration theme (thesis/argument).
  3. Use material from at least 2 of the films and 3 course readings to support your thesis statement and illustrate the key concepts you learned about that exploration theme.
    a. You should provide an answer to the question posed in the exploration theme in a clear, cohesive, well-organized paper that is also enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) to read.
    b. Films will be Out in the Night and Vamanos

When writing this paper, it is easy to get lost in the details of the film and/or readings and lose sight of your primary argument. Therefore, DO NOT write a summary of the films. Instead, you can provide a brief summary of the scene(s) you have chosen to highlight, but make the connection to the theme and readings clear.

Here is a general list of the various components that should be included in any research paper. If you feel like you are getting lost in the details, remind yourself of the following components to get yourself back on track.

I. Title
Your title is your first chance to make a good impression.
o Make it count. It should offer a succinct summary of your paper topic.

II. Introduction: Thesis statement and “roadmap”
A clear, concise, and well-defined thesis statement sets the tone for your entire paper. So…Be direct.
Try completing one of these sentences: “In this paper, I argue…” –OR — “The purpose of this paper is . . .”
State the answer to the question posed by the exploration theme you have chosen (thesis/argument)
Briefly state which films you will use to support your thesis/argument (answer)
Provide a “roadmap” to direct the reader through your paper.
o NOTE: Be sure to provide clear and logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion

III. Body: Theme exploration, Film Analysis, and Discussion
Each paragraph should be limited to a clear description and explanation of one general idea per paragraph Present evidence from the films and the readings as evidence to support your thesis \statement
Each paragraph should demonstrate a logical connection to the thesis statement in your introduction
Valid sources are cited to support your thesis
IV. Conclusions and Recommendations
Systematically restate your thesis and how the evidence you have provided (from the films and readings) support your thesis
However, a strong conclusion does not simply restate the thesis, instead it readdresses the thesis in light of the evidence provided
Don’t skimp on this portion; it is very important, after all, because it is here that you will finally and aggressively drive home your argument
End with 1 or 2 recommendations for addressing inequalities related to your exploration theme
This could include:
Future research
Educational policies and procedures
Program revisions, other warranted situations