How does development show up in your community?


The more we observe, the more we may see. Whether using methods like Photovoice or research approaches like ethnongraphy, we find that our
insights grow the more time we spend observing and reflecting in an ongoing way.Use your Community Observation journal to reflect on the prompt (How does development show up in your community?). In order to earn credit
for your journal, you need to demonstrate you are thinking about the prompt. You may:• Freewrite (At least a half page, single-spaced. Show that you’re thinking and reflecting)• Submit photos and narratives• Engage in other forms of meaningful reflection and brainstormingThis should be more than just a few words. Show that you’re engaged. Describe what you have seen, where you have been, and any concepts that
seem related. For reference, complete Community Observation instructions are provided below. Assignment InstructionsThe goal of these assignments is to put development in our local context. For each community observation assignment, you are expected to
choose one of the developmental periods we are examining in this class (infancy, early childhood, middle or late childhood, adolescence, or
young adulthood). You are then expected to go out into your community and look for ways this period is represented and/or shaped in our
culture. For example, what kinds of products are marketed for this age range? To whom are they marketed? You are specifically encouraged to
focus your observations on the following ideas:• In what ways does your community support human development?• In what ways could your community do better to support human development? OR How does your community NOT support human development?
For example, consider barriers, limits, missing resources, etcAttending to concepts presented in our text, reflect on what individuals need to experience healthy, holistic development. How is that
represented (or not) in your community. Explain your observations and link to development through photography and written narrative. For
those of you who are familiar, this similar to Photovoice assignments used in other classes.
((REMEMBER: respect privacy and don’t show faces please!))• Use photography (or video) and written narrative to document what you observe and why you think that is important for placing
development in context.• Use at least ONE concept from class to explain your interpretation or reflection on context through a developmental lens
(define/describe the concept clearly, then describe how you see it reflected in the local context).Two ways you are expected to share your assignment:• Post these to Canvas in a discussion forum so you can all learn from and comment on each others’ observations (include your photo
AND your written narrative. Ask for help through technology services if you need it; 5pts)• Bring them to class (a copy of the photo and narrative) for discussion on designated days (5pts).You are eligible for up to another 20 points based on the extent to which you follow the assignment guidelines.