How does social media damage real life interaction?

How does social media damage real life interactions?
In our social circle, everyone can not leave from internet, there are some active and negative influences in our lives, we can see the internet create variety different lives, and everyone has different life style, but how can we distinguish the good things and bad things in our invisible internet life? Is it advance or civilization backward?
On the one side, the Internet has some good examples. The first is widening the vision. The Internet is an information extremely abundant encyclopedic world, large amount of information, information communication speed and strong degree of freedom to realize the global information sharing. And the second is strengthening the communication, internet created a virtual new world, in this new world, each member can transcend time and space constraints, it is very convenient to contact with the strangers people and acquaintances, discuss topics of common interest, due to the “virtual” nature of network communication, people avoid the friction and injury when people face the communication, thus providing a new communication place for people’s emotional needs and information acquisition. And the last one is promoting the individualized development of teenagers, the world is rich and colorful, and human development should be rich and colorful like the world. The Internet provides an environment for this infinite variety of development opportunities.
With the benefits that the Internet brings to humans, there will be corresponding disadvantages. The Internet is a place where many teenagers indulge in the virtual world of the Internet and get rid of the reality. Young people face a virtual world on the Internet is different from the actual social life. They are not only satisfy the needs of young people to occupy all kinds of information as soon as possible, but also leaves a broad imagination space for interpersonal interaction, and dose not have to bear the pressure and responsibility from the real life. Some people are not known because of their identity in the virtual online world, so many young people will arrogantly speak their own words in the online world, and will not care about the essence of the things they see. For example, I watched a Japanese TV show tow days ago, the name is called “Grade 3 Class A: From now on, everyone is my hostage.” The main clue in the drama is because someone was jealous of a girl who swims very well in class, and very popular with the school and the classmates, made a fake video of she drunk stimulants before the game. Since then, it has spread throughout the school. Everyone believes that the girl in the video drunk stimulants before the game is real, and the pressure made the girl is unbearable and commits suicide. The language violence on the Internet is terrible. It may just be that your casual words will lead to the psychological collapse of the protagonist, and you will not have to pay any legal responsibility to hide at the other end of the screen, but you have brought inexplicable psychological trauma to others. If there is a person’s life was destroyed by your online language violence, what is the difference between you and the murder?
In addition to these, there are many young people who want to satisfy their own vanity. In order to get more fans, I will post some self-portraits on Facebook or Instagram that show my life. I remember that I have seen a Japanese variety show before. I took a whole trip with the daily life of a Japanese net red. From early shooting to late, there were several shots that made me particularly impressed. The first shot was a morning tea in a high-end morning tea restaurant, and the photos were very Look good, but after the shoot, find some reasons for the waiter to retire. The second one that impressed me was that she took a group photo with a few friends on the street. Everyone smiled and felt the atmosphere was good, but actually the strangers looking for them on the street pulled them together for a group photo. Through these two lenses, I feel that her life is hypocritical and not worthy of respect. People just see the radiant photos on the surface, but they don’t know the facts behind this photo. For the viewer, you can’t blindly envy the life of others. You must do yourself and improve the quality of your life through other means, such as ball sports, swimming, fitness, reading, and traveling with friends. Growing your experience is not limited to life in a virtual world.
General addiction of social media eventually leads to interpersonal misconnection.
No matter how the photos are posted on the social networking sites are faked, all of those are caused by excessive indulgence in the fake world of mobile phones or computers, overdose addiction on mobile phones can affect people’s normal social interaction and reduce face-to-face communication with others. It can not make everyone’s feelings communicate better, because it is difficult to let other people feel the emotions and attitude that you want to express when you type, just facing the cold mobile phone screen.