How family economic conditions affect their children’s academic success.

How family economic conditions affect their children’s academic success.

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A proposal is a particular genre of writing. It is not a series of notes, a mini-essay or a list of bullet points. Rather, a proposal should gesture to the larger paper you will write and include:

1) Your proposed topic. This is the subject area under investigation and will necessarily be descriptive (e.g., my paper looks at the ___, or my paper examines __). Also include a tentative title.

2) Your proposed argument. This is the hardest but most important part. Thus, you should write a decent-length paragraph explaining the trajectory of your argument. This means that you must have done enough research to have a sense of the topic and argument. Your paragraph must be long enough to explain your proposed argument and how you intend to make it. This should include the progression of your argument and its relation to the thesis. Please remember that your argument must remain focused. You are striving for nuance and depth, not breadth.
Points 1-2 should be no more than 2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-pt font.

3) You are also required to write an annotated bibliography for 4 academic texts that are not part of the course reading list. You may look at readings from the class, and their bibliographies, to guide your research. You can also contact me and I can see if I know of any sources that may be relevant. If you are not sure if your source is appropriate, please contact me.

Each entry will include the following (1-3 sentences for each of the 4 below. Point 5 will only require 1 sentence):
1. The bibliographic entry
2. What you believe the text’s main argument is.
3. How the author(s) support the argument
4. How the text is useful for your paper
5. What framework is employed by the author to further her/his point