How honey is used to heal wound and burn

Honey is the most well-known revived remedy that has been used to encourage wound and burn to heal and to treat infected wounds. The antimicrobial action of bee honey has been credited to several properties of honey, with its osmotic effect, its naturally low pH, and the creation of hydrogen peroxide, as also the company of phenolic acids, lysozyme, and flavonoids. The purpose of the present study is to assess the antimicrobial effect of bee honey on organisms inaccessible from infected burns compared with that of antibiotics used in burn infection treatment and to evaluate the results produced when bee honey was extra to antibiotic discs. References: ANTIMICROBIAL EFFECT OF BEE HONEY IN COMPARISON TO ANTIBIOTICS ON ORGANISMS ISOLATED FROM INFECTED BURNS 7. Harmonized methods of melissopalynology Abston S., Blakeney P., Desai M., Edgar P., Heggers J.P., Herndon D.N., Hildreth M., Marvin J.A., Nichols R.J.: Post-burn infection and sepsis. Picot question Does honey promote better-wound healing in burn patient? Compare to a conventional wound dressing in patients living in a long term nursing facility. P(Population): Promote wound healing I (Intervention): used of honey C (compared): Conventional wound dressing O (Outcome): Faster healing time T (Time): A duration of 3 months