How Religion has been a driving force for international conflict.

QUESTION: With reference to EITHER the modern or early modern world, assess the extent to which religion has been a driving force for international conflict. This topic is related to History and World Politics. Hence, the question should be answered accordingly. there should be at least 5 references, all in CU HARVARD style. all of them scholarly from academic journals or by famous authors/theorists. two sources have been attached for references. Key debates should be identified in the paper. Such as, Do historians agree on point X? What is the nature of their disagreement; why does that disagreement exist; can it be reconciled; whose argument do you find more convincing? A complete analysis should also be given in the essay. THESIS STATEMENT is also required for the paper in the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Narrations to be avoided. Word limit for the essay is 1750-1800 words.